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CodeMeter Embedded 2.2 - Augmented security and new digital business models for allprocessor-based devices

CodeMeter Embedded 2.2 is a unique runtime environment in the market that supports the complete array of platforms and operating systems intelligent device manufacturers rely upon, including Intel x86, PPC, ARM, Windows, Linux, Android, VxWorks, and QNX. The modular and scalable design enables developers to integrate only the functionality they need and create a software solution with the smallest footprint possible, the highest level of security, and the most versatile licensing, all without affecting performance. CodeMeter Embedded 2.2 licenses are fully compatible with their desktop counterpart so that even complex architectures that include
industrial computers, mobile devices, embedded systems, and microcontrollers can benefit from the same core features: software protection, license lifecycle management, and security mechanisms. Among the numerous enhancements introduced with CodeMeter Embedded 2.2 are higher performance, multi-Interface support, OPC UA support, and TPM support.

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