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HEW-KABEL GmbH is a member of the HEW-KABEL Group of Germany. Founded in 1964, HEW-KABEL is a medium-sized, leading and innovative of special cable company in Wipperfürth, 50km east of Cologne. We employ more than 400 people in research and development, production and sales. Fields of application include the automotive industry,Railway,the aerospace industry, medical equipment, robotics, instrumentation and control technology, sensor technology,nuclear technology, Wind power technology,traffic technology, high frequency technology as well as mechanical engineering. Using its know-how and experience gained over years, HEW-KABEL designs, develops and manufactures customer specific cable solutions for various industrial market segments, where miniaturization, flexibility or special durability are required. Suzhou Rapid Technology Co., Ltd. is the representative office of HEW-KABEL GmbH in China. Mainly responsible the sales & marketing and after-sales service for HEW-KABEL special cable and wire products in the Asian market.

Products and services

HEW-Silindo® - the biocompatible silicone cable without stick-slip effect
Thanks to the Silindo® surface developed by HEW-KABEL, the conventional silicone haptics have been lastingly improved. The result: “sticking” is sustainably prevented. This surface property is retained even after more than five hundred autoclave cycles. HEW-Silindo® contains absolutely no foreign material in the silicone or on the surface.

1. Entirely new surface: no foreign material in the silicone or on the surface
2. Lasting improvement in surface haptics: no “stick-slip”
3. Minimized sliding friction even after more than 500 autoclave cycles

Sterilization options:
1. Steam sterilization (autoclave)
3. Disinfection washing machine
4. Gas sterilization (ethylene oxide)
5. Gamma sterilization
6. Wipe desinfection

HEW-Silinodo®- the biocompatible cable with the "plus" in hygiene

Uncompromising hygiene in medicine and sensor technology is also a decisive quality factor for the cables and lines used here. HEW-KABEL GmbH is specialized in highly-sensitive applications and offers hygiene-optimized solutions using state-of-the-art insulation materials. The HEW range includes a silicone cable that prevents the undesired "stick-slip effect": HEW-Silindo®: The surface does not "stick", dirt particles/particulate matter are reliably repelled.

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HEW-Micro miniature cable-The smaller the object, the higher the requirement

HEW-Micro is going to produce miniature cables as small as 56 AWG and coaxial cables as small as 46 AWG. At the same time they are extremely flexible and possess outstanding properties. Electrical and mechanical characteristics can be ensured by using high-tech materials such as special alloys and insulating materials. All Micro solutions are made with highest accuracy and utmost care to meet the high demands. Quality, reliability and security: This is what HEW-Micro stands for.

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HEW-Flat cable-Highly efficient cable installations with extremely low bending radii.

From single, symmetrical flat flexible cables right up to complex hybrid designs, HEW-KABEL develops innovative and individual flat cables coordinated to the requirements of the customer. Hybrid construction allows a multifunctional combination of the most varied elements in a cable in order to transfer, e.g. energy, data. signals, gases, liquids or light simultaneously within a flat flexible cable.

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Klingsiepen 12
51688 Wipperfürth

Phone: +49 2267 683 272
Fax: +49 2267 2203
Internet: www.hew-kabel.com/cn
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Contact person

Mr. Sunny Zhang
Director Sales & Marketing
Phone: +86 512 67065330 ext:608
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Region China of HEW-KABEL GmbH
No.18 Dong Chang Road, Suzhou Industrial Park,
215024 Jiangsu
P. R. China

Phone: +86 512 6706 5330
Fax: +86 512 6706 5330
Internet: www.hew-kabel.com/cn
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News & Innovations

HEW-Medical cable - The pulse of life flows through innovative medical cable solutions
Special cable for medical technology
HEW-KABEL offers special cable for various applications of medical devices and instruments, mainly in the areas of diagnostics, surgery and patient bedside monitoring. The highly sensitive applications within medical technology make special demands of the cable design. The requirements here are: easiest manageability, safety and autoclavability.

Cable from HEW-KABEL meets these requirements optimally. Cable construction, material and production guarantee highest mechanical flexibility, extreme tensile strength and compact size. The user is able to move completely freely, without hindrance. High-performance materials, special alloys and patented production technology guarantee optimal use, even in critical environmental conditions. At the same time, the use of state-of-the-art materials ensures application-optimized haptics, sterilizability (e.g. in high-pressure sterlizer) and biocompatibility (cytotoxicity) compliant with EN ISO 10993-5.

Especially within medical technology, great value is placed on uncompromising hygiene and 100% reliability. HEW-KABEL is specialized in these highly-sensitive medical applications and offers hygiene-optimized solutions using state-of-the-art insulation materials. Autoclave cables and lines thereby help to ensure permanent sterility and patient safety.

Our solutions are as follows:

1. Dental Technology
2. Surgical Robotics
3. Diagnostic Imaging (MRT, CT and X-ray Systems)
4. High-frequency surgery
5. Minimally invasive operating techniques
6. Miniaturization inspection systems
7. Patient monitoring systems (ECG/EEG equipment, SpO2 sensors...)
8. Autoclaves
9. Defibrillators
10. Endoscopy
11. etc...

We will happily provide you with a tried-and-tested solution and jointly develop a cable design that is optimally adjusted to your specific demands and requirements.

If you have further needs, Please feel free to contact with us. Thanks in advance!

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