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German Pavilion at Medtec China 2018

26 – 28 September 2018 – Shanghai, P. R. China


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HEW-KABEL GmbH is a member of the HEW-KABEL Group of Germany. Founded in 1964, HEW-KABEL is a medium-sized, leading and innovative of special cable company in Wipperfürth, 50km east of Cologne. We employ more than 400 people in research and development, production and sales. Fields of application include the automotive industry,Railway,the aerospace industry, medical equipment, robotics, instrumentation and control technology, sensor technology,nuclear technology, Wind power technology,traffic technology, high frequency technology as well as mechanical engineering. Using its know-how and experience gained over years, HEW-KABEL designs, develops and manufactures customer specific cable solutions for various industrial market segments, where miniaturization, flexibility or special durability are required. Suzhou Rapid Technology Co., Ltd. is the representative office of HEW-KABEL GmbH in China. Mainly responsible the sales & marketing and after-sales service for HEW-KABEL special cable and wire products in the Asian market.

HEW-Silindo® - the biocompatible silicone cable without stick-slip effect
Thanks to the Silindo® surface developed by HEW-KABEL, the conventional silicone haptics have been lastingly improved. The result: “sticking” is sustainably prevented. This surface property is retained even after more than five hundred autoclave cycles. HEW-Silindo® contains absolutely no foreign material in the silicone or on the surface.

1. Entirely new surface: no foreign material in the silicone or on the surface
2. Lasting improvement in surface haptics: no “stick-slip”
3. Minimized sliding friction even after more than 500 autoclave cycles

Sterilization options:
1. Steam sterilization (autoclave)
3. Disinfection washing machine
4. Gas sterilization (ethylene oxide)
5. Gamma sterilization
6. Wipe desinfection

Klingsiepen 12
51688 Wipperfürth

Phone: +49 2267 683 272
Fax: +49 2267 2203

E-mail: kai.czerwinski@hew-kabel.com
Internet: www.hew-kabel.com/cn



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IMSTec specialize in the development of tailored customer specific automation solutions for medical and pharma industry. Our experience allows us to establish solutions that are compliant with GMP/FDA processes. We have unique experience especially in the field of micro precision, such as stents, balloon, catheter, peacemaker, neurological implant, absorbable injection capsule, orthopedic components and ophthalmology sustained release implants.

The IMSTec high precision Extruder System for compounding materials, measurement and sorting of extruded filaments such as used for nano-composites, bio-polymers or pharmaceuticals. The Extruder System blends, melts, mixes and cuts extruded filaments fully automated to a desired length and diameter.

  • 100% automated micro-compounding and extruding of powder material with filament control-, cut and sort device
  • Product Dimension: Diameter (0.2 - 0.5) mm,Length: (200 – 250) mm
  • Tool capacity: 3 g/h up to 100 g/h continuous extrusion dependent on filament diameter and density
  • In-situ double axis diameter measurement: Resolution: 0.1µm, Accuracy: 0.5µm, Scan rate: 2400 samples/s
  • Filament length control by integrated filament cutter with adjustable timer
  • Automated reject station for out of specification filaments
  • System complies with GMP requirements
  • Clean room class C compliant
  • Compact footprint: LxWxH (1400 x 950 x 1980) mm³, mobile system

Auf dem Langloos 10
55270 Klein-Winternheim

Phone: +49 6136 9944110
E-mail: info@imstec.de
Internet: www.imstec.de